Carer Identification, Registration & Support

Are you a Carer?

A carer is anyone, including children and adults who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of a long term illness, mental health condition, addiction, disability or old age, and cannot cope without support.

Care includes: washing, dressing, bathing, feeding, supervision, ensuring safety, helping someone manage their financial/domestic affairs, mental heatlh support.

(The term ‘carer’ would not normally apply if the person is a paid carer, a volunteer from a voluntary agency, anyone providing personal assistance for payment either in cash or kind).

Register as a Carer at Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre

Your GP will be able to record on your medical records that you are a Carer. This is confidential information for your doctor that will help them to look after your health and ensure that the surgery provides you with the appropriate advice and information to reduce the stresses of caring.

The Practice recognises that as a Carer you may need additional support e.g. flexible appointments at the surgery, help with registering for the Surgery’s on-line services, invites for flu vaccinations and booking a Carer’s Health Check to help the Clinical Team look after your health. We have a dedicated Carer’s notice board located in the clinical corridor. Please provide the Surgery with your up-to-date email address and we can also forward the latest information and updates we receive at the Surgery.


The Carer’s Lead at Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre is Lorraine Davies, who will be pleased to help you to register as a Carer and guide you to the support and information services available.

If you are a Carer ………

Have you informed the Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre Team?

Do you know if you, or the person you care for, may be entitled to benefits?

Do you know how to get help with some of the practical tasks of caring?

Do you know how to get a respite break from caring?

Do you know what to expect from local public services?

Do you know how to stay well while you are caring for someone?

Do you know how to make sure the person you care for would be looked after if you have an emergency or are unwell yourself?

Do you know how to access information on local support and advisory services?

Please don’t hesitate to register as a Carer or ask for further assistance from the Carers Lead here at the Surgery.  Once you have registered as a Carer we will send you the Carers Information Pack.

Carers Week 5-11 June 2023

What is Carers Week?

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.  It also helps people who don’t think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support.  The Carers Week Theme for 2023 is “Recognising and supporting carers in the community” and each day of Carers Week will have a different focus.  For more information please see the following link to the CarersUK website:  Home | Carers Week

Carers Week in Dorset:

Support and Resources for Unpaid Carers

Support for carers in our Dorset hospitals and the new hospital Carers Passport

Hospitals across Dorset recognise the vital role that carers play in the health and wellbeing of those they care for and that carers are often the experts in their cared-for person’s care and want to support and work with carers to ensure a smooth patient and carer experience in hospital.

Dorset County Hospital, Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust have come together, with the support of local carers and other carer professionals, to create an ‘Our Dorset’ Hospital Carer Passport. The aim is to help carers be recognised and supported with their stay in hospital.

The purpose of the Carer Passport is to clearly identify carers when their cared-for person is admitted into hospital and for staff to welcome, involve and support carers while also helping them to understand the needs of the cared-for person throughout their hospital stay.  Carers have a right, but not a duty, to continue to care while their cared-for person is in hospital. 

The Carer Passport scheme includes*:

  • Flexibility with visiting times
  • Inclusion in care
  • Inclusion to assist at mealtimes
  • Involvement in discussing and planning for discharge
  • Access to information about patient care (with relevant consent)

*Each hospital’s passport offer may differ.

The benefit of a Hospital Carer Passport encourages hospital staff to have ‘carer conversations’ to ensure carers are involved and supported in their cared-for person’s care from admission through to discharge. For this reason, Carer Passports are non-transferrable from hospital to hospital. 

Main Support for Carers

If the cared-for person lives in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area please contact CRISP


Tel: 01202 128787

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://WWW.CRISPWEB.ORG

If the cared-for person lives in the Dorset Council area please contact Carer Support Dorset

Carer Support Dorset

Tel: 0800 3688349

Email: [email protected]


BCP Council Carers Factsheets

Please see the Factsheets below created for Carers who live within the BCP area. The Factsheets are specifically aimed at Carers, however there is a more general information sheet for such things as paying for care which is found in the “Electronic Info Pack” – from this PDF document you can view and print all of the other Factsheets the BCP council have.

  • Are you a carer
  • Breaks for carers – respite
  • Breaks for carers – short break sitting service (Poole only)
  • Carers assessment
  • Carers in crisis
  • Electronic Info Pack

Other Dorset Based Support

Dorset Carers Hub

Leonardo Trust

Help and Kindness Directory


New online self-help service for unpaid Carers in the Dorset Council area

Introducing a new online self-help service for unpaid Carers (BRIDGIT) – a 12-month pilot for Dorset Council area Carers.  It allows Carers to complete a self-help toolkit to gain access to assistance, information, support, advice, and signposting to community support e.g.

I’d like support in my caring role: mental health, Carer assessment, care providers, emergency planning, end of caring role, providing care, respite care, dementia, carer role affecting work

I’d like assistance with; work-life balance, Carers allowance, Cost of living, life goals, my feelings

I’d like help with my wellbeing: addiction, anxiety, depression, diet, stress

National Support for Carers

Age UK

Carers Trust

Carers UK

Every year Carers UK update their ‘looking after some’ guide for carers.  It provides a summary and overview of everything a carer may need to know when caring for someone, from their rights to practice tips and financial support options.

Carers UK Digital

Caring for a loved one who is ill, disabled or older can be valuable and rewarding, but without the right support caring can have an impact on your health, your job, your finances and your social life.  Visit and create an account using your free access code DPCN9848 to access all the digital produces and online resources including eLearning Building Resilience, Jointly Care Co-Ordination app, Free Publications- Carers UK Guides and additional links to workplaces resources.

BCP Adult Social Care Centre Tel: 01202 123654

Carers Assessment

Under the Care Act 2014, Cares have a right to a Carer’s Assessment. A Carer’s assessment is a conversation with a professional social care worker about how being a Carer affects you and the way you are able to live your life. It is an opportunity to make sure you have all the information you need and a chance to find out about the services and support that could help you in your caring role. It is free and open to any Carer, regardless of their financial circumstances. Call BCP Adult Social Care Centre on 01202 123645 to discuss.

Emergency/Crisis Situations

If you need urgent support and feel you cannot imminently continue to carry out your caring role contact Adult Social Care Tel 01202 123654. Email: [email protected]

If the person you care for lives in Dorset contact Adult Access Team Tel:01305 221016 email: [email protected]

Forthcoming Events & Support Groups

PramaLife in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and East Dorset

PramaLife has developed 55 Clubs, groups and activities across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and East Dorset, including:

  • Memory Lane: groups for people with dementia or memory loss (no need for a diagnosis of dementia) – everyone is welcome to attend and we always have quizzes, games, reminiscence and refreshments in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Sporting Memories: groups for people who are interested in sport – all sessions include a quiz, a sporting news sheet, refreshments and an activity such as Indoor Curling or Bowling.
  • Museum Memories: making use of the experience and collections of the Poole Museum.
  • Coffee Mornings, Pop-in Groups, Soup Lunches, Cream Teas – all for people to come together and socialise over a cup of tea with friendly faces and chat!
  • Knit and Natter groups – for people to produce woollen items and share tea and experiences whilst they do!
  • Art and Craft groups – to get creative in a social environment!
  • Care for Craft group – an opportunity for carers to bring the person they care for to a session with a craft activity at the centre of it. This also provides the opportunity for the carer to either join in the craft activity with their cared-for person, or step out into another area to talk with other carers in a similar position, get information from professionals or access information etc.
  • Carers Support Groups – for informal carers to attend and gain the support of their peers over a cup of tea. These groups also have guest professionals and access to information.
  • Ferndown Connectors – supports people to ‘get back out into the community’ by providing a volunteer who will come with them if they have lost confidence by being bereaved, made redundant, having a long-term health condition, or any other reason.
  • Gardening groups – for those who are green fingered or just enjoy the outdoors.
  • Telephone Friendship groups – Supported by a volunteer host, joining people together in groups over the phone. Can be topic-based or can just be for a friendly conversation over a coffee in your own home.
  • Telephone Coffee Mornings For Carers – Hosted by a volunteer joining informal carers together over the phone.
  • 121 Telephone Befriending – Volunteers supporting people who may be lonely, isolated or housebound by keeping in touch with a regular phone call.
  • FOCUS Carers Mentoring and Befriending Scheme – Volunteers supporting informal carers as a telephone befriender providing a friendly voice on a regular basis, or, as a mentor who is able to empathise and provide the experience of being a carer themselves.
  • Wimborne Area NeighbourCar – Drivers using their own cars to get people to activities.
  • East Dorset Good Neighbours – Undertaking one-off tasks such as shopping, collecting a prescription, walking a dog etc.

Contact [email protected] Pathways Manager, for more information.

Dementia Friendly Gardening Group
At the start of July PramaLife and The Parks Foundation launched a dementia friendly gardening group, based at the Sensory Garden in Winton Recreation Ground, BH9 1BX.  
The sessions are on Thursday mornings, 10:30am to 12pm and cost £2 which includes a drink.   The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are wheelchair accessible planters in situ. Free parking and toilets are on site.   The group is open to anyone who might benefit from time outside with others and a safe space for carers to come with their cared for person and enjoy doing something together. Everyone can work at their own pace and take a break or two if needed, no gardening skills required!  
Tools will be provided and there will be planned rainy day activities in the café if needed. Please contact Tess on 07912 272077/[email protected] for more information.   Leaflet re the gardening group is also attached below  
Carer Support Dorset – lots of training for carers available!
Please be reminded that Carer Support Dorset have an excellent ‘what’s on’ page in which they keep up to date with events and training available to carers. Carer Support Dorset endeavour to deliver training that carers ask for and really listen to the carers needs.  
Anyone who is registered with Carer Support Dorset as an unpaid carer can get in touch with CSD by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 368 8349 to sign up to sessions.  
Examples of sessions upcoming:
Scam awareness training
Self-awareness training
British Red Cross First Aid training
Parkinson’s training x2 in Sept and Oct ​
CSD ‘What’s on’ page:-  
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)  
Please see attached two posters on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (summary poster and a more in depth leaflet).  
It is 14 free CST sessions for those living in the local area of East Dorset, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, provided by Age UK.  
CST is a non-clinical therapy for those with a diagnosis of mild-moderate dementia. The aim is to engage and stimulate participants, whilst also providing the benefits of socialising in a group. It helps thinking and memory skills and has been shown to improve quality of life.  
For information on how to sign up please see attached posters.  

Rethink Dorset Carers Service

Please see attached Rethink Dorset Carers Support Service leaflet and also the referral form to the service below. Rethink provide support to carers across Dorset who care for an adult with a mental illness.

Rethink run a monthly drop-in session with Carer Support Dorset. The next one is due to take place on the 28th of July (see screen shot above). Details of this on Carers Support Dorset ‘what’s on’ page on their website ( The drop ins provide a safe space where carers can meet Rethink/CSD and other carers of someone with a mental illness, gain support, advice and information.

Rethink also provide ‘Carer Respite’, the criteria for this is as follows:

  1. Threshold one: The carer provides limited contact, so minimum of 1 hour a week including emotional support. Someone who identifies as managing their caring role well and that it causes little stress. However without this role the person may require hospital admission or have frequent crises needs. This Carer would be entitled to £150. This can be reviewed after 6 months.

Threshold two: The carer provides up to 5 hours a week and plays a vital role ensuring that the cared for person either lives independently or avoids hospital admission. That the carer is at high risk of carers strain. This person would be entitled to the full £300

PramaLIFE Memory Lane Groups  
PramaLife are running Memory Lane Groups that are open to all and provide specific support to those living with memory loss or dementia.   Each session provides a different theme but there is always reminiscing, games, quizzes, music, refreshments and a warm welcome. Each group is run by a PramaLife Group Leader and supported by a team of volunteers.   There are groups running in:
East Dorset
Bournemouth and Christchurch  
Contact details are on the attached flyer below – to discuss and book a place.  

Dorset Council Carers Reference Group

Carers support Dorset are looking for unpaid carers who support someone in the Dorset Council area who would be willing to form a new group to help shape the services for carers.

The Dorset Self-Management Service – Social Prescribing Team

For many people, circumstances beyond the purely medical such as fatigue, grief, isolation, loneliness, finances, their role as a Carer in addition to health conditions such as anxiety, depression and pain can give rise to additional worries, issues and needs.  The Social Prescribing Team aim to support people with health conditions and Carers providing free and confidential sessions for you to discuss what is important to you and what steps you can take to feel more in control of your health and wellbeing.  Please see the attached “Dorset Self-Management Service” leaflet for further information.  To make an appointment with one of the team please contact the LQMC Reception team, alternatively if you would like to self-refer please telephone 0300 111 3303 or visit the website

Carers and COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet – Dorset

If you are a main Carer for someone and you haven’t had your COVID19 vaccine, there is still time to get your vaccine to protect yourself and the people you care for.

Key Information for Carers

  • You may be able to get the COVID vaccine if any of the following apply:
  • You are a main Carer for someone at high risk from COVID19
  • Your GP record shows you area a Carer
  • You get a Carer’s Allowance or other support following an assessment by your local authority

Please see the attached Carers COVID19 vaccine information sheet for further information on the vaccination process for unpaid carers – how Carer’s can book their vaccination, key points about the vaccine appointments and where to find further local information about the vaccine programme in Dorset:   The information sheet is dated May 2021.

Carers Mentoring and Befriending Scheme – FOCUS

The Carers Mentoring and befriending scheme still has capacity to support a further 50 carers!

Sue Warr, the PramaLIFE Pathways would like to flag the Carers Mentoring and Befriending Scheme – information below and please contact Sue if you need any more information.

PramaLife provides a free Carers Mentoring and Befriending Service to support those who are informally caring for people residing in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Conurbation. Often, people don’t recognise themselves as ‘a carer’ as they are husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister or friend to the person they are taking care of.

Equally, many people do not realise that they can get support in this role either through formal and statutory services such as ‘registration’ with the local authority or health services, or through other routes including receiving grants or services through local voluntary sector organisations. This support can include financial help to pay for essentials, help to complete benefits applications and council tax relief forms, access to counselling, access to carers support groups, and access to befriending and mentoring support.

Many people also do not realise the extent of the difference that having someone to talk to, independent of their personal situation, can make to their own health, wellbeing and ability to cope with their caring role.

Someone who is new to caring may really benefit from the experience of a volunteer mentor who has themselves taken care of a friend or relative or may even be still actively caring. We are identifying volunteers for this role who have cared for a people living with Dementia, Parkinson’s, a physical disability, autism, Cancer, frailty and other conditions – we are matching carers and volunteers accordingly and have feedback and stories that illustrates what a difference this makes.

For some people it may be the case that they just need a befriender to talk to – someone outside of the family and separate to the person they care for, to give them the opportunity to be able to ‘take themselves away’ from the caring role to regenerate and refresh, and focus on some time for themselves, all be this only for a half hour phone chat or a cup of coffee in a café! In these circumstances, we are also trying to match people by hobbies, interests, vocations, or otherwise.

Ultimately we will achieve peer to peer friendships and support as well as a range of other groups and activities that will provide support.

We are not receiving as many requests for this service as we expected, and we realise that simply handing a carer a flyer about the service is not the most effective way of having people understand the benefits! What works best is if we can have a conversation on a one to one basis with carers themselves!

For this reason, I am asking two things:

  • Any professional working with informal carers including Care Home Managers, Social Workers, Carers Case Workers, GP Practice Carers Leads, Primary Care Network Link Workers, Practice Champions, Voluntary Sector Service providers, etc. – please contact us so that you can discuss this on an individual basis to see how we could support your service users/patients/client group.
  • Please encourage any informal carer (Adults aged 18+), caring for people residing in the BCP area, to contact us for a conversation about how we can support them.

The phone number for this service is: 01202 207329 or email: [email protected]

Sue Warr

PramaLIFE Pathways Manager

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone: 01202 207300

Mobile: 07867 354588

The Leonardo Trust – New short breaks service for Carers! Leonardo Trust are launching a new respite service for unpaid carers (Short Breaks 4 Carers, Time out for you) from 17th May 2021. They have a lovely 2 bedroom static Holiday Caravan at Freshwater Beach Holiday Park, near Bridport which is being offered to carers via referral from health & social care professionals and agencies. This is a brilliant opportunity for carers to utilise, particularly after a very difficult and tough year. Please see attached the leaflet with more information and the referral form.

Information and support for carers in England

Carers UK have produced a useful guide “Looking after someone” which includes the following information:

  • Managing someone’s affairs
  • Coming out of hospital
  • Taking a break
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Disability benefits
  • Help with Council Tax and other financial help
Carers Card  

The Carers Card leaflet and been revised to reflect the two latest cards (both BCP and Dorset Council) and to include updated contact number/information.  

Carers can obtain the carer’s card from Carer Support Dorset (Dorset Council) or CRISP (BCP Council), depending on which council the cared-for person lives in.  

The carers card gives carers access to discounts for goods and services. This initiative funded by Dorset Council, BCP Council, and the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and aims to:
– Support Carers to remain Safe and Healthy
– Recognise the contribution Carers make
– Support the development of Carer Friendly Communities  

Website for more information: Carers Card – Recognising Unpaid Carers Throughout Dorset (  

The website also lists a directory of businesses who are offering discounts to card holders.

More training for carers!

Health Education England, Carers UK and Agylia Care have co-produced free online resources to support the vital care that unpaid carers provide. It is aimed for anyone who provides care and support to a family member or friend due to their disability, health condition, frailty, mental health problem or other health and care needs. Please share. Link for more information:

Support available for Young Carers in Dorset

Carers Support Dorset

Telephone: 0800 368 8349

Dorset Young Carers Service

Telephone: 01305 225677

BCP Young Carers

Telephone: 01202 261999

My Time Young Carers

Discovery project

Dorset HealthCare :: Discovery Project

The project works across the whole of Dorset with schools, charities, and a wide variety of organisations to create an offer for Young People (13-25) and their parents/ carers.

Dorset Mind

NHS England advice

Young Onset Dementia Carers Group

This group was started in 2017 and meets bi-monthly, on a Saturday afternoon at Haymoor Day Hospital on the Alderney Hospital site, Poole.

It is open to any carer, caring for someone who has been diagnosed with a Young Onset Dementia and aged under 65.

This is an informal group who discuss topics of:

  • Clinical issues, including the difficulties of diagnosis
  • Symptoms, progression and genetics
  • Impact on families and  coping strategies
  • Benefits, finance  and legal aspects of caring
  • Services available including Social Services support, carers support
  • How to re-engage with services if situations change
  • Food and nutrition
  • Assistive technology
  • Local groups and
  • Supporting the person with dementia in coming to terms with their diagnosis.

They can invite guest speakers at the request of the Group.

They also have a closed Facebook Group to disseminate information and advertise upcoming events.

Currently unable to meet face to face but we are using GoToMeetings to meet virtually at times.

Any carer can refer themselves or be referred by calling Sue Mitchell on 01202 705568 or email; [email protected]

Exciting news – new app for carers!

The Dorset Carers Hub have been busy helping as many carers as possible with form filling, a listening ear, advocacy, online social events, newsletter, Christmas boxes, raffle, FREE re-usable masks, and hygiene packs.

They have just launched an App in conjunction with CuppaCare where carers can access information straight from their phone!

There are 5 sections which have information and advice for carers. These are:

Breathing Space – This is focused on mindfulness and gives relaxation and breathing exercises.

Carers Assessment – Information on what a carers assessment is and what it entails for adult carers, parent carers and child carers.

Carers’ Rights – What each carers rights are.

Stress – How stress can affect you and what you can do to help reduce your stress levels.

To access the App, people will need to email [email protected] giving their name, preferred email for the App and state if you are an unpaid carer or a professional.

This app is for all carers, both in Dorset and BCP. Please promote to our unpaid carers.


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: DorsetCarersHub

Twitter: @HubDorset

Phone: 01305 751524

Carer Support Dorset and CRISP are still here for carers

Just to remind you all that CSD and CRISP are still very much here for unpaid carers and are still working tirelessly to provide groups and sessions to meet the needs of their carers.

They both have websites which are kept up to date, and ‘what’s on’ pages which promote lots of activities and groups they are running. Please promote with carers to utilise these services.



If Only I’d Known That’

Please see attached the recently updated version of the ‘If Only I’d Known That’ booklet. This booklet has been in circulation since 2004.  It gives an account of one Carer’s experience and is an invaluable tool for carers.

It has recently been updated to reflect the changes in two councils in Dorset and the two lead carer organisations now in place – Carer Support Dorset for Dorset Council and CRISP for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Welfare / benefits handbook for carers

‘Benefits handbook’ written by a Welfare and Benefits Officer for Dorset Council summarising what benefits carers could be entitled to.

Parks in mind Please see attached a Summer to Autumn programme for the Parks in Mind project. The programme resumes from Monday the 28th of September 2020 and includes topics on gardening, nature conservation, arts, walks and talks.

If you would like to become involved in the Parks in Mind project, please either email Peter on [email protected] or call/text 07384 790048.

Dorset Open Door: Partners offer a new bereavement service for Dorset

Experiencing bereavement is difficult at any time but it may be particularly traumatic at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, if someone has been bereaved by suicide, the grieving process can be complicated and distressing.

There is a range of support available to people if they have experienced a bereavement, including emotional support from charities, faith groups and healthcare organisations and practical support from local authorities and funeral directors. However, when someone is grieving, finding the right support can feel overwhelming.

That’s where Dorset Open Door, a new partnership between charities, health and care organisations can help. If someone isn’t sure where to go to get the best bereavement support, Dorset Open Door can help with finding support from the right organisation and guide them through the process.

Their details are:

01305 361 361

[email protected]

The service is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

New phone app supports people with suicidal thoughts

Instant online help is now available for people in Dorset who are struggling to cope and may be contemplating suicide via a new phone app called distrACT.

The free app, which has been developed by doctors and mental health specialists, signposts users to the wide range of support available.

More information please follow this link:-

Local Carer’s Services & Support

Carers Support Dorset

Offers resources and support to help support you in your caring role.

For Carers (freephone) 0800 3688349

If you have any questions, or would like some more information, email [email protected]

or visit:

Dorset HealthCare online sessions for carers

Please see below a link to Dorset HealthCare online sessions for Carers which includes a special series of podcasts brining together staff and Carers from Dorset HealthCare, Rethink Mental Illness in Dorset and the Dorset Mental Health Forum and includes topics such as:

CRISP (Carers Resource, Information and Support Programme) offers a range of support for Carers:

* Advice & Information                  * Help to take a break from Caring

* Help to look after yourself           * Courses to help you care

* Social events where you can meet other Carers

* Carers in Crisis emergency back-up scheme

For more information please visit

CARERS INFORMATION SERVICE – The Carers Information Service is free to join and provides you with a  regular newsletter to inform you of events, activities, training and other useful information. Telephone the Carers Support Service on 01202 458204 or visit if you would like to join.

CRISP CARERS CENTRE – St Ambrose Cottage, Alumhurst Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, BH4 8ER.  Open for Carers to visit every Tuesday afternoon 2-4pm and every Friday morning 10-12pm.  If you need some support or time out for a drink and a chat then call in – no appointment necessary.  Free refreshments provided.

In addition to the Carer’s Information Service, Borough of Poole’s Carer’s Services & Support also offers a range of initiatives which may benefit you in your role as a Carer which include: beach huts, holiday lodge, Carer’s choir, Carer’s in Crisis, home based support – short break sitting service, cinema vouchers, complimentary therapy vouchers, Carer’s support programme, Home from Home day respite.

ADULT SOCIAL CARE HELPDESK – Carers Support, Carers Assessments, Welfare Benefits.  The Adult Social Care Helpdesk can give advice about a range of services and help for Carers.  As a Carer you are entitled to have a Carer’s Assessment, this is not a financial assessment but an opportunity for you to talk about how being a Carer affects you and to make sure you are getting all of the help and information available to support you.  To ask for a Carer’s Assessment contact the Adults Social Care Helpdesk on 01202 633902 alternatively email [email protected] or go to or

CARERS UK HELPLINE 0808 808 7777  The Carers UK Helpline is where you can access expert information, advice and support about your rights, about financial and practical help available or about any other challenges caring can present.  Ask about UPFRONT – an online guide providing tailored financial and practical information to those who are new to caring.

CARERS IN CRISIS – An Accident or emergency can suddenly prevent you from providing care.  This is when Carers in Crisis can help.  The Carers in Crisis scheme allows you to register a contingency plan saying what should happen, or be needed, in an emergency. Carers in Crisis operates 24 hours a day.  Please contact the Adult Social Care Helpdeck on 01202 633902 or email [email protected]

FOCUS – Friends Offering Carers Understanding Support.  Befriending for Carers. Call 01202 304004 for more information.

Advocacy for Carers – An Advocate helps you express your views and worries.  Call Help & Care 03001113303

Poole Care Line local support services