GP Triage System for Emergency Appointments

We operate a Triage system for same day/emergency appointments.

If you feel you must be seen immediately please telephone the surgery and leave your telephone number with a member of the reception team. NB Please do not come to the surgery without phoning first as it is likely that you will have to wait a considerable length of time if you do!

The GP will return your call as soon as they are able (usually within the hour). They may be able to deal with your problem by phone or will arrange an appointment without delay.

Please do not use Triage for your repeat prescription requests. 

Triage Explained

We offer daytime appointments, evening appointments and telephone consultations, but if you have an emergency that can’t really wait then request TRIAGE

Telephone for Triage

Triage is a system to determine the priority of a patient’s treatment based on the severity of theircondition.

  1. Telephone the reception and request Triage
  2. A Doctor will telephone you and ask about your symptoms (it is essential that you keep your telephoneline free/answer immediately)
  3. A Doctor will assess and decide what to do to help you.

Will I get an Appointment?

  1. They may make an appointment that day, either with themselves or another Doctor
  2. They may be able to give advice over the telephone and book a follow up appointment for another day
  3. They may be able to reassure you that your symptoms are not serious and transfer you to reception to make a routine appointment.
  4. They may prepare a prescription for you.