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Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre Patient Participation Group

The Practice would like to know how we can improve our service to you. The primary aim of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) is to encourage patient feedback and participation in the review of the range and quality of services provided by the Practice.

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Under-Represented Groups of Patients within LQMC PPG 2022/2023

Please see the link below to Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) website PPG pages with up-to-date relevant PPG information, videos/photographs of PPG activities and events, and any new downloadable documents.

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LQMC PPG and Patient Surveys

The Practice has an active PPG, currently with 291 members (as of February 2023). Communication to the PPG includes a blend of face-to-face meetings, email correspondence in addition to this dedicated page on the LQMC website, Practice noticeboards and the Patient TV information screens in the surgery Reception area.

An annual report is produced incorporating the patient survey where we gather patient opinion on the range and quality of services provided by the Practice.  The survey forms part of the Patient Participation Enhanced Service Report (see section below) and the issues raised are addressed in an Action Plan produced in collaboration with PPG members.  The update on Action Plan is subsequently cascaded to PPG members highlighting actions taken/aims completed. Patient surveys are conducted annually with the next survey planned for February 2023.  Survey results are cascaded directly to PPG members in addition to being posted on the LQMC Patient website.

PPG Action Plan 2022/23

Please see the PPG Action Plan 2022/23, produced in collaboration with the LQMC PPG Chair as part of the LQMC Patient Participation Report 2022/23.

Thank you to all of our PPG members for their ongoing support.

LQMC 2022/23 Patient Survey results


Reports & Surveys

As a Practice we look to promote a proactive liaison with patients and the PPG provides us with a forum for this.  PPG members are able to feed in their views, alongside findings from Practice surveys and agree with the Practice which are the priority areas for review.

The Patient Participation Reports not only include the findings of the local Practice surveys but also outline the following steps taken in the whole report process:

Step 1. Develop a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Patients invited to join the PPG and complete a short questionnaire.  The objective of this initial questionnaire is to obtain an overview of patients’ opinions on a range of matters relating to the Practice.

Step 2. Agree areas of priority with the PPG

The initial questionnaire is followed up with a further communication to new and existing members of the PPG outlining the key issues highlighted from the questionnaires and also asking them to let us know what areas they would like us to examine in more detail.

A few members of the PPG are invited into the surgery for a meeting to discuss and reach agreement on the areas of priority which should be included in the actual survey to the wider patient population.

Step 3. Collate patient views through the use of a survey

A survey is conducted via on-line questionnaires emailed to patients and also paper copies distributed in the surgery reception.

Step 4. Provide PPG with opportunity to discuss survey findings and reach agreement with the PPG on changes to services

Step 5. Agree action plan with the PPG and seek PPG agreement to implement changes

PPG members informed of survey results. Survey results published on Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre website and displayed in surgery reception. A few members of the PPG are invited into the surgery for a meeting to further discuss the survey findings and agree with the Practice the Action plan of possible changes to services.

Step 6. Publicise actions taken and subsequent achievement

Patient Participation report published on Lifeboat Quay Medical Centre website. Copies made available in reception.

The information you supply us will be used lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right to know what information is held about you and sets out rules to make sure that this information is handled properly.

The section below provides access to the Local Practice surveys conducted in previous years and the links to the complete Patient Participation Reports